Patination Technique


Patination is an ancient Japanese decorative technique that creates a blue-green patina on copper alloys. It is a type of oxidation with applied chemical compounds that cover the metals surface with a film of oxide and sulphide crystals. Each piece is hand crafted and its colour is matured for days to create the vibrant blue and green crystals. All work is protected with an acrylic lacqueur which protects the patina.

Patination is a natural reaction of copper when exposed to the elements; however this process can take at least 7 years and is unlikely to reach the colour intensity of my work. This is because I have sped up the chemical process which makes the crystals form quickly resulting in large crystals with an intense colour. This is a process I have been working with for the past 10 years and have created a massive library of colours and techniques.

Each patina is different as it is a natural reaction with the chemical solution and the metal. This is nature sped up and intensified. So no two pieces will have the same pattern.

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